R2 Shield Boot & Seat Protector Hammock Style Dog Mat Cover by Monster-covers® For Cars & 4x4s

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The ‘R2 Shield Dog protector’ is developed to a high standard using high quality materials and finished to a tailored quality standard taking on design improvements over several generations.

 Not to be confused with cheaper alternatives, this is a quality product for those seeking a high standard product at an affordable price that will look right in any price vehicle

The ‘R2 Shield Dog Protector’ Can be also used in a variety of ways including boot protection,  and fitted as a hammock using front and rear headrests or half by simply fitting to the rear heat rests only. It can also be used from the front heat rests to the rear with the front seats folded down.

This is a part of a well-received family of products made by Monster-Covers®

  • Made from high quality material and finished to a high standard, a world away from cheaper alternatives.
  • Oversized Zip to add strength
  • Fits any car with 4 headrests, or 2 at rear for rear seat cover only, Covers rear of seats (Note this is not designed to suspend your pet in the air and is a seat cover only)
  • Easy fitting clips
  • Easy to Clean
  • Helps Eliminate Smells and Odours
  • Can be used to cover boot in all models with rear headrests
  • Centre zip to allow passenger to sit next to pet if required
  • Seat Belt holes for passenger and pet harness, with centre zip to carry pet and passenger at the same time
  • 150 x145cm
150 x 145 cm High Quality Waterproof fabric Mail Order Non Retail Packing